Dive site 1 (Advanced):  The Cone of Silence

When the conditions allow, this us a must do dive! 70 foot depth with sand bottom. We drop 40 feet to enter the cone which has been carved out so the bottom of the island is completely hollowed out. There is a huge exit on the far end so light penetrates the whole area. You look up for 60 feet above you and see bubbles at the top of the cone. Surreal. See video.

Dive Site 2 (Advanced):  The Wall

If verticals are what you're looking for, then this dive is for you. 280 foot depth a boat length away from the rock face! Large amounts of sea life and pelagics. This area is protected from the prevailing trades and is usually done as a drift dive. We take our time on this one to scour the wall for critters!

Dive site 3:  Varies

We usually pick a dive from the Mokuho'oniki dive site as we usually need an hour surface interval from our second dive. Please see those sites listed above for more detail.